Gum Graft Surgery

Are receding gums making your teeth appear longer and affecting your smile? If so, you may be suffering from gum recession and a gum graft surgery may be the ideal solution for you.

Left untreated, gum recession can expose your tooth roots, making you vulnerable to dental problems like decay, tooth loss, jaw bone deterioration and sensitivity, which can be very uncomfortable.

Operating in Hawthorn, With U Dental provides gum graft and gum treatment to help you achieve that healthier smile. Our gum graft surgery is simple, painless and effective, performed by leading dentists who use advanced techniques. Call our friendly team today to schedule your consult!

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What is a Gum Graft SURGERY?

Receding gums don’t just affect the aesthetics of your smile, it can also be very painful. Fortunately, with gum grafting, a minor dental procedure, you can now treat gum disease and reverse the effects of gum recession under the guidance of our care at With U Dental. Not only can we help treat receding gums, but we can take the necessary steps to protect your teeth and gums from further damage and pain.  

A gum graft surgery typically involves transplanting healthy gum tissue from another part of your mouth (usually from the roof of your mouth) to the affected areas. This technique can be used to replace missing gum tissue and cover exposed tooth roots.

When is a Gum Graft Necessary?

A gum graft surgery may be necessary if you experience:

  • tooth sensitivity
  • painful or inflamed gums
  • gaps between teeth
  • bad breath
  • difficulty brushing and flossing.

If you want to know if gum grafting is the best option for you, get in touch with our team today for a consultation!

What Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession can be caused by several factors, including:

  • When neglected over time, plaque build-up on your teeth can cause periodontal disease (gum disease), which makes your gums pull away from the tooth roots.
  • Brushing your teeth too hard or using a hard-bristled toothbrush can damage your gums.
  • Genetic predispositions can result in thin or weak gums.
  • Teeth grinding or clenching (also known as Bruxism) lead to higher chances of receding gums as it puts excessive pressure on your teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth or bite can put pressure on the gums and jaw.
  • Oral piercings on your lips or tongue can irritate and wear away your gums.

Left untreated, gum recession can have severe consequences on your oral health. These consequences could include painful dental infections, tooth decay, bone loss, and loose teeth. So, make sure you visit our dentist ASAP if you notice the signs of gum recession.

What are the Benefits of a Gum Graft?

A healthy, beautiful smile is something we all strive for. In addition to preventing the risk of gum recession escalating into severe dental complications, gum graft surgery also offers a wide range of benefits.

Improved gum health

You can now say goodbye to bone loss and preserve your gum tissue with a gum graft. You can also get rid of plaque that tends to build up under your gums and prevent dental complications like cavities and decay.

Reduces tooth sensitivity

When tooth roots are exposed, your teeth can become highly sensitive, causing pain and discomfort. A gum graft can cover the exposed tooth roots with healthy gum tissue and relieve sensitivity so that you can enjoy your favourite foods and drinks again.

Improves the appearance of your smile

Receding gums can make your teeth appear longer and less attractive. Let’s not forget the impact this can have on your self-confidence. Our experienced dentists can perform a gum graft and recontouring if necessary to improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Preservation of tooth structure

Gum grafts help maintain the integrity of your teeth. Exposed tooth roots leave you more susceptible to decay and infection settling in beneath your gum line. By restoring your receding gums with healthy gum tissue through grafting, the risk of root decay is reduced. Gum grafts safeguard the supporting structures and prevent further damage.

Prevention of further recession

When gums recede due to factors like gum disease or aggressive brushing, the roots of your teeth become exposed, which in turn causes oral health issues such as tooth sensitivity and infection mentioned above. The grafting treatment prevents gums from receding further, maintaining the stability of your gum line.

How Does A Gum Graft Work?

A gum graft is a straightforward dental procedure usually done under local anaesthesia. Here’s what the process generally looks like:

Our dentist will assess the severity of the issue and come up with a personalised treatment plan for you in the initial consultation.

Local anaesthesia will be administered during the surgery to numb the area, ensuring a pain-free experience.

The tissue is transplanted to the affected area, and the graft will be secured with stitches.

Following the surgery, we will give you instructions to care for your gums and the treated area. With gum grafts, you can expect a full recovery within 1-2 weeks.

Getting a healthier, stunning smile is really that easy at With U Dental! We recommend scheduling a follow-up appointment about a week after the procedure to ensure your healing is on track.


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Are you tired of experiencing painful tooth sensitivity and looking to restore that beautiful smile of yours? Our team at With U Dental is here to help you treat your receding gums and make your smile great again. We have a highly experienced team of dental professionals who you can trust to care for your dental needs.

With U Dental is your trusted dental clinic in Hawthorn, providing high-quality gum grafts and effective gum treatments at affordable rates. So, if you have receding gums, don’t hesitate any longer. Step into a world of exceptional dental care and witness the With U difference for yourself.

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