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Hawthorn East Suburb: Is It a Good Choice?

hawthorn east suburb

Hawthorn East Suburb: Is It a Good Choice?

hawthorn east suburb

Hawthorn East is a charming suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, located just 7 km east of Melbourne’s central business district. It’s part of the city of Boroondara and offers a mix of historical charm and modern amenities, making it an attractive place to live and visit.

The area is bordered by shopping strips on Glenferrie Road and Burke Road. Hawthorn East suburb has a well-developed public transportation network consisting of trains, trams, and buses. This makes it easy to travel to the city’s many attractions, shops, medical centres, and dental facilities like With U Dental.

The Rich History of Hawthorn East Suburb

The Rich History of Hawthorn East Suburb
Hawthorn East Suburb's History Timeline

Indigenous Heritage

The Wurundjeri people, who are also of the Kulin nation of Koories, are the original owners of the land that now encompasses Hawthorn East Melbourne. Their presence in the area dates back over 40,000 years, reflecting a rich cultural heritage.

The Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation represents the Wurundjeri people today, ensuring their culture and history are acknowledged and respected.

Early Settlement (1800s)

Hawthorn East’s establishment began in the early 19th century. The area, initially characterised by large estates and farmland, gradually transformed into a residential suburb as Melbourne expanded. Notable early buildings, such as the historic The Hawthorns built in 1845, highlight the suburb’s rich architectural heritage.

Growth and Development (Late 1900s)

The late 1900s marked a period of significant growth for Hawthorn East. The suburb expanded its residential areas and developed key infrastructure, including transport links, schools, and other essential services. This period saw the transformation of Hawthorn East into a well-connected and vibrant residential suburb.

One of the major developments during this time was the establishment of the Coles Group headquarters in the suburb. The presence of such a significant corporate entity added to the commercial activity and economic growth of the area.

20th Century Onward

From the 20th century onwards, Hawthorn East suburb continued to evolve while maintaining its historical charm. The area experienced an influx of business and commercial activities, enhancing its dynamic environment. Key developments included the preservation and restoration of heritage homes, which continue to add a unique character to the suburb.

Known for Heritage Homes

Hawthorn East, Victoria, is renowned for its beautifully preserved gardens and heritage-listed buildings, which add a distinct charm to the suburb. These period homes, often preserved and restored, are a testament to the suburb’s rich architectural history. The area features a diverse range of architectural styles, including Victorian-era and Edwardian houses, many of which are located in the Grace Park Estate.

Historical Highlights of Hawthorn East Suburb

The Hawthorns

Built in 1845, The Hawthorns stands as one of the oldest and most significant structures in the suburb. Initially constructed for James Denham Pinnock, this architectural gem exemplifies early colonial design. Later, it became home to the Creswick family, influential figures who contributed significantly to the development of the area.

Grace Park House

Constructed by Michael Lynch in 1858, Grace Park House was originally situated on a vast estate. The house expanded over the years and became a prominent local landmark. In 1874, it was occupied by Mrs Robert Colvin Clark’s Ladies College. The estate was subdivided in 1884, leading to the development of the Grace Park Estate, which is now known for its heritage homes.

Governor Hotham Hotel

The Governor Hotham Hotel was established in 1855 and has been a central meeting place in Hawthorn East for over 150 years. It played a crucial role in the development of the area, serving as a venue for important meetings and social gatherings. Today, it continues to operate as a popular local establishment.

Why Live in Hawthorn East?

Why Live in Hawthorn East Suburb
Reasons to Live or Move to in Hawthorn East


Hawthorn East has a population of approximately 14,834 people according to the 2021 Census. The community is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Over the years, this has contributed to a strong sense of belonging among residents.


Hawthorn East is well-connected. It’s only 8.8 km or a 10-minute drive away from Melbourne, VIC, with easy access to the CBD. You can take a tram using route 70 or take the train from Auburn train station. The railway station also connects to the Alamein, Belgrave, and Lilydale lines where you can explore the surrounding areas.


Hawthorn East offers a wide range of amenities and excellent transportation.

Parks and Green Spaces

There are several parks and outdoor spaces in Hawthorn East, such as Gardiners Creek Reserve, Fritsch Holzer Park, and Anderson Park, providing opportunities for recreation away from the bustle of the CBD.

Shopping Districts

Popular shopping areas, including Burke Road and Glenferrie Road, offer a variety of retail options, from supermarkets and speciality stores to cafés and restaurants.


The suburb has various well-regarded schools, such as Alia College, Auburn Primary School, Auburn South Primary School, Bialik College, and Auburn High School. These schools provide quality education and add to the family-friendly character of the area.

Healthcare Services

Hawthorn East residents have access to quality healthcare facilities. Nearby hospitals, clinics, and specialised medical services cater to the community’s needs.

Among the specialised medical facilities nearby is With U Dental — the go-to Hawthorn East dentist for many residents. Included in their specialised services are restorative dentistry using advanced dental technologies that are latest in the market, as well as dental services for children and the whole family. They also employ a holistic approach in their many dental treatments, putting the health and overall wellbeing of the patient first.

Community and Lifestyle

A family-friendly atmosphere, a strong sense of community, and a diverse array of eateries contribute to a high quality of life. People in Hawthorn East enjoy a close-knit community, with numerous events and activities organised throughout the year. The suburb’s dining scene is equally diverse, offering everything from casual cafés to fine dining establishments.


The property market in Hawthorn East suburb is diverse, offering a range of options from heritage homes to modern flats and townhouses. Property values in the suburb are relatively high, reflecting its desirability. The median listing price for homes in Hawthorn is around $1,975,000, while units are approximately $550,000. This variety in housing options allows for different lifestyle choices, whether you’re looking for a home fit for a big family or a convenient, low-maintenance flat.

Whether you’re moving here or just visiting, With U Dental has you covered for dental emergencies as well. Enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

Hawthorn East Suburb FAQs

What Suburbs Are Near Hawthorn East?

Hawthorn East is directly bordered by Hawthorn to the west, Camberwell to the east, and Kew to the north. Other nearby suburbs within a short distance include Glen Iris, Malvern, and Kooyong.

What Is the Postcode for Hawthorn East?

The postcode for Hawthorn East is 3123.

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