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EMS Airflow

ems airflow

EMS Airflow

Do you want a beautiful, healthy smile free from dental problems? At With U Dental, we have the perfect solution to help you achieve that healthier smile – EMS Airflow! 

You can typically achieve a healthier smile if you maintain good oral hygiene. However, brushing and flossing alone won’t cut it. You should make it a point to clean your teeth professionally every six months. We use world-class technology like EMS Airflow so you can experience a gentle and comfortable cleaning experience at our clinic that will leave your teeth looking and feeling healthy!

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What is EMS Airflow?

EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a state-of-the-art approach to dental cleaning. This world-class Swiss technology helps remove plaque, bacteria and pesky stains from your teeth through a controlled stream of air, warm water, and ultrafine powder.

Unlike traditional scaling and cleaning methods, this innovative tool is a quick, safe and more effective way of removing biofilm (bacteria) from your mouth. Allowing you to cut down on the time taken for your traditional teeth cleaning appointment in half! 

The best part is that it’s suitable for both your natural teeth and those that have undergone dental restorations. This gentle dental tool means that you will no longer have to endure your teeth (prosthetic or natural) being scraped manually with a dental scraper. EMS Airflow is the gold standard for dental cleaning at With U Dental.

What are the Applications of EMS Airflow? 

EMS Airflow can be used for a range of oral cleaning applications. It’s commonly used to remove problem-causing plaque and bacteria from your mouth, remove stains, and whiten your teeth to enhance your smile while improving oral hygiene. Not only does EMS Airflow effectively clean hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, but it can also be used to clean your tongue and palate. These areas, while often ignored in your home oral hygiene routine, are well known to harbour bacteria. 

In addition, EMS Airflow is used to maintain the longevity of dental work like crowns, implants and bridges as it offers a safe way to clean these restorations. Restorations like your valuable implant prosthetics should be protected during your teeth cleaning at the dentist. Manual methods such as hand scaling can cause scratches to the implant crown, increasing the likelihood of bacteria penetration. EMS Airflow ensures that your investment is safe, your mouth is free of bacteria and that you can continue to smile with confidence. 

EMS Airflow can also be used to prepare your teeth prior to dental procedures by thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the tooth surface, ultimately giving you better results for your dental treatments!

What are the Benefits of EMS Airflow?

EMS Airflow offers many benefits that set it apart from traditional dental cleaning procedures, including:

  • Efficiently removes plaque and bacteria and eliminates surface stains
  • It is a fast process that’s much quicker than traditional teeth-cleaning appointments
  • EMS Airflow is a gentle and minimally invasive procedure
  • It’s safer as manual scraping can impact your teeth and wear down the tooth enamel
  • It cleans hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, such as between your teeth, around braces and even around implants without damaging dental restorations.

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How Does EMS Airflow Work?


We will first closely examine your mouth to identify any signs of decay or gum disease. If everything is good to go, we will begin the cleaning process with mouthwash to eliminate excess microbes.

EMS Airflow
EMS Airflow


A disclosing agent, which contains a dye, will be applied to your teeth. This dye will react with existing plaque on your teeth to make the biofilm visible by turning it a shade of indigo. This allows our dentists to accurately locate problem areas.


At this stage, we will show you the location of plaque build-up on your teeth and gums and share some tips for maintaining good oral hygiene.

EMS Airflow
EMS Airflow


Using the Airflow tool and its combination of air, warm water and ultrafine powder, we will remove plaque and stains from teeth, crowns, bridges, and implants. Pamper your teeth with a spa day for your smile!


If there is plaque hidden in the deep corners of your mouth, this part of the process will be used to deep clean your teeth.

EMS Airflow
EMS Airflow


This is an optional third component of the EMS Airflow Guided Biofilm Therapy. If you need a pain-free deep clean, our dentist may use this attachment.


It’s now time for a close inspection to see if biofilm and calculus have been removed completely. Once you have a beautiful smile with clean teeth again, we will apply a fluoride treatment to further strengthen your teeth.

EMS Airflow
EMS Airflow


We will set a date for your next professional teeth cleaning appointment to ensure your smile will continue to be healthy and bright!

How Much Will My Teeth Cleaning Cost in Hawthorn?

You can get this revolutionary teeth cleaning experience with EMS Airflow as part of your comprehensive exam at With U Dental at a great rate!

For new patients, our pricing is as follows:

  • New Initial Exam: $100
  • Airflow Clean: $100 (normally priced at $230)
  • Add-ons: 2D Xrays at just $150 (normally priced at $300)

Why Choose With U Dental for EMS Airflow?

At With U Dental, we are committed to providing you with the best and highest quality dental care possible. That’s why we have invested in cutting-edge technology like EMS Airflow. With this game-changing technology, we are ready to take your teeth-cleaning experience to a whole new level!

Our dentists are well experienced and skilled in using EMS Airflow and will tailor the cleaning process to fit your unique dental needs. With a friendly, caring and gentle approach towards dentistry, our team is always here to answer any questions and give you a premium dental experience.

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