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Children & Family Dentistry

children's & family dentistry

Children's & Family Dentistry

As a parent, taking care of your child’s health is always a top priority. That includes their oral health, too, and finding a trusted dental team specialising in children’s and family dentistry can make all the difference.

If you are looking for a reliable dentist in Hawthorn who can provide quality dental care for your family, look no further than With U Dental. No dental smile problem is too big or too small. Our warm and friendly dentists at With U Dental are here to look after the dental needs of your entire family.

With a warm and welcoming environment, a kind and experienced team and state-of-the-art facilities that make dental treatments effective and painless, you can trust us to provide the best possible dental care.

We provide a range of services to ensure your kids’ teeth stay strong and healthy, including routine check-ups and cleanings to fillings and orthodontics. By choosing With U Dental, you can help set your child up for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

children Family dentistry

When to Visit the Dentist

You don’t have to wait until you develop dental problems to visit the dentist. In fact, prevention plays a key role in maintaining a beautiful smile and optimal oral health. That is why regular dental visits are important and encouraged from a young age.

Regular dental visits are important for maintaining good oral health and preventing dental problems. Early detection and treatment of dental problems can help prevent them from becoming painful conditions that are costly to treat.

Our dentists can provide a range of preventative dental treatments such as cleanings, fluoride treatments and sealants. These treatments can help keep your teeth and gums healthy and prevent the development of cavities, gum disease and other dental problems. So, make sure your family visits the dentist for check-ups at least every 6 months.

When it comes to your kids, we recommend you schedule your kid’s first dental visit by the time they reach 1 year or within six months of their first tooth appearing. Visiting the dentist from a young age can familiarise them with dental environments, preventing them from developing dental anxiety when they grow up. Our friendly and caring dentists will make dental visits enjoyable and stress-free for your entire family.


Preventative Dentistry

Preventative dentistry is important for your entire family. Focusing on proactive measures helps avoid dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss early on. It also helps develop good oral care habits from a young age. Here are 4 common preventative solutions we provide:

Dental Cleaning:

In addition to brushing and flossing, professional dental cleaning is important to maintain good oral hygiene. During the cleaning, our dentist will remove plaque build-up that escapes your home routine, preventing infections and decay, and polish your teeth to give a smooth and shiny surface.

Fissure Sealants:

Dental fissure sealants are a protective layer applied to the fissures in your teeth (the grooves and pits). They help reduce the amount of food particles and bacteria stuck in your teeth, preventing tooth decay. Fissure sealants are a proactive and non-invasive way to protect teeth.

Diagnostic Tests:

Our dentist will thoroughly assess your teeth and gums, looking for signs of dental problems during checkups. This helps early identification of dental problems, preventing them from worsening. These tests also help make accurate diagnoses and develop treatment plans with high success rates.

Oral Hygiene Education:

Our dentists will provide oral hygiene instructions to take care of your oral health. From brushing and flossing to proper nutrition, our dentists will not leave a single aspect untouched. You can avoid costly and complex dental problems by understanding the importance of oral hygiene and adopting effective habits.

Dental Implants

Do you have gaps in your smile or severely damaged teeth that need replacing? If so, dental implants are the perfect solution for you. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots inserted into the jawbone. They are left to fuse with the jawbone, after which a prosthetic tooth will be connected on top.

Designed to look and feel like your natural teeth, dental implants are a comfortable and reliable solution that provides a seamless finish. Using premium materials, artisanal craftsmanship and advanced technology such as digital planning, With U Dental is your trusted dental clinic for dental implants.

We offer several implant solutions such as single dental implants, full arch (All-on-X ), implant-supported dentures and zirconia implants.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can strike at any moment without warning. They can be extremely painful, making prompt, professional attention from qualified emergency dentists crucial. Common dental emergencies include toothaches, broken or chipped teeth, pain and bleeding in the gums, dental infections, and sports-related injuries or trauma.

At With U Dental, we know how crucial it is to deliver the emergency dental care you need without delay. We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide the necessary treatment to alleviate your pain and discomfort.

For this reason, we are open daily from Monday to Saturday to handle your dental emergencies as soon as they arise.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile can boost your confidence and make a big difference in your life. That’s where cosmetic dentistry comes in! The focus of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your smile with tailored treatments. It can help treat a wide range of dental problems like missing teeth, discoloured or stained teeth, crooked and chipped teeth, gaps in teeth, and overcrowding. Some of our cosmetic dentistry solutions include:

Dental Veneers:

This dental treatment uses thin, custom-made shells attached to the front of your teeth. If you have stained, crooked or chipped teeth, dental veneers will help improve and transform your smile. They are bonded to your teeth using a strong dental adhesive, resulting in a natural-looking and durable solution.

Dental Crowns:

Crowns are custom-made caps placed over damaged teeth to improve and strengthen your smile. They can restore cracked, chipped or discoloured teeth, or even be combined with implants. Dental Crowns provide long-lasting support and protection, allowing you to enjoy a functional and beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening:

Our professional teeth whitening services will help you get a whiter, brighter smile in no time. At With U Dental, we offer two teeth whitening treatments for you: at-home whitening and in-chair teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a non-invasive way to enhance your smile and boost your confidence.


Orthodontics has come a long way over the years with new treatments and advanced technology making the process faster, more comfortable and more effective. Orthodontic treatments are dental procedures that focus on straightening teeth and correcting bite problems. Despite popular belief, orthodontics is not only for younger patients. Orthodontic treatment involves braces, clear aligners and retainers. It helps avoid dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, wear and tear of teeth, gaps in teeth, and problems with speaking, breathing or chewing.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth typically erupt when you reach your late teenage years or early twenties. In certain instances, when there is little to no space for new teeth to erupt, your wisdom teeth may either grow at an angle or not emerge fully past the gumline. This condition is called ‘impaction’ and can cause the gum around the tooth to become inflamed, infected, and painful. In such cases, we will recommend a wisdom tooth removal.

While extracting a tooth can be scary, you don’t have to worry because wisdom tooth removal is a common dental procedure we perform. We use pioneering pain minimisation techniques, so you can count on us to make the procedure stress-free with minimal discomfort.

Children & Family Dentistry Cost in HAWTHORN

We understand that family dental costs can be challenging. However, that does not mean you should avoid the dental needs of your kids and family. For this reason, we provide quality yet affordable dental care solutions that fit your needs and budget.

At With U Dental, we are committed to making dental care affordable and accessible to all. That is why we also offer flexible payment plans, allowing you to achieve your dream smile without breaking the bank. Based on your child’s eligibility, they can even receive dental care for selected treatments at no out-of-pocket cost with CDBS (Child Dental Benefits Schedule). Get in touch with us for more information about our costs and payment plans.

Why Choose With U Dental for CHILDREN & Family Dentistry?

At With U Dental, we prioritise providing exceptional dental care for individuals of all ages, from children and teenagers to adults. Our team of skilled and experienced dental professionals offers a wide range of treatments to cater to your unique needs and goals. We utilise state-of-the-art technology and innovative techniques to ensure your comfort and success of our dental treatments, resulting in a long-lasting, radiant smile.

We also understand the importance of early dental experiences in shaping future visits to the dentist. That’s why we strive to make every dental visit for your child and you a pleasant and anxiety-free experience. Our commitment to your comfort and well-being is reflected in every aspect of our practice, from our welcoming atmosphere to our gentle and compassionate approach to dental care. Trust us to provide you with the highest quality dental services in Hawthorn.

Comprehensive Dental Care For Kids & Family In Melbourne

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