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Tooth Coloured Composite Resin

teeth coloured composite resin

Tooth-Coloured Composite Resin Restorations

Why  be insecure about your smile when you can easily restore it with teeth-coloured composite resin? Whilst you can use restorations made of silver and mercury, they tend to be easily noticeable, yet again affecting your confidence. 

Introducing teeth-coloured composite resin, a dental material used in various dental solutions such as dental veneers, fillings and crowns to enhance your smile at With U Dental. Our tooth-coloured dental restorations fit in seamlessly with your smile, unlike metal restorations. 

With teeth-coloured composite resin, you can restore your smile discreetly, and flash those pearly whites confidently!

tooth coloured composite resin

What is dental composite resin?

With composite resin, the days of being conscious about metal restorations are long gone. These attractive alternatives to amalgam restorations are tooth-coloured materials generally made of acrylic resin, reinforced with powdered glass quartz, silica or other ceramic particles, making them almost indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Composite resins are used in dental restorations such as dental fillings, crowns and bridges, and veneers. They can be used on both your front and back teeth.

Benefits of Tooth-Coloured Composite Resin

Tooth-coloured composite resin provides plenty of benefits over conventional restorative materials. These include:

Enhances the aesthetics of your smile

Since composite resin can be matched to the shade and shape of your natural teeth, it provides a seamless, natural-looking finish that enhances your smile.

Minimal amount of tooth is removed

Unlike other dental restorations, composite resin preserves more of your natural tooth. Only the damaged or decayed part of your tooth will be removed.


Teeth-coloured composite resin can be used in various restorative treatments, including fillings, bonding, veneers and crowns. They treat a range of dental conditions, from chipped and worn-down teeth to decayed teeth.

Strong and sturdy

Since composite resin can adhere directly to the tooth enamel, it hardens quickly and provides strong and sturdy restorations that make chewing and biting effortless.

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How are Composite Resin Restorations Placed?

The restoration process of composite resin will depend on the type of restoration you need. However, the general process includes the following steps.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, our dentists will carry out a thorough assessment of your smile. We will also take x-rays of your teeth to understand the severity of decay or damage. We will create a personalised treatment plan and may even use digital imaging to help you preview what your new smile will look like before treatment even begins.

tooth coloured composite resin
tooth coloured composite resin

Preparation of Tooth

Your dentist will prepare the tooth for composite resin restorations by cleaning and disinfecting it. This will be performed under a local anaesthetic to numb the area and relieve you of pain.


Once your tooth is ready, the dentist will apply the composite resin in layers and harden each layer using a special light. The composite resin will then be shaped to ensure it blends with the natural contours of your tooth. If a composite restoration is being fabricated, we will meticulously craft your new restoration and apply it.

tooth coloured composite resin
tooth coloured composite resin

Final Touches

Finally, your dentist will examine your restored tooth, make final adjustments, and polish your tooth. Your bespoke smile is now complete!

Cost of Tooth-Coloured Composite Resin in Hawthorn

The cost of teeth-coloured composite resin depends on several factors, such as the number of teeth that need to be restored, the extent of damage or decay that needs to be removed, any additional treatments, etc. Varying from individual to individual, the cost of composite veneers and fillings at our Hawthorn dental clinic are as follows:

  • Composite veneers/dental bonding: $450 – $800 per tooth 
  • Tooth-coloured fillings: $195 – $400

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of teeth-coloured composite resin, we recommend you schedule an appointment with our dentists. We also offer flexible payment plans to help each of our patients access the quality dental care they deserve.

Premium Tooth-Coloured Restorations at With U Dental

Conveniently located in Hawthorn, With U Dental is your trusted dental clinic, providing quality dental care that helps you smile with confidently! Our team of skilled dentists utilise the latest technology and advanced techniques that have helped craft and transform hundreds of smiles. Allow us to help transform yours, too! 

If you have damaged teeth, you can trust our dentists to restore your smile with a natural-looking composite resin that blends perfectly with your natural teeth. Our friendly team will work with you to bring out the best version of yourself with a beautiful, healthy smile.

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