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General Dentistry

General care of all dental needs including consultation & exam, x-rays, treatment planning, scale & clean, fillings, root canal treatment, and crowns & bridges.


Replacing a missing space with Titanium or Zirconia dental implant fixture.

(Teeth Today)

Immediate replacement of all teeth on 4 or more implants to restore the smile in just 1 to 2 days

Wisdom teeth Extraction

Removal of painful and impacted wisdom teeth can be done safely at our practice.


We provide cosmetic resin or ceramic veneers with or without laser gum trimming.
Whitening before your special day can be provided at our studio.

Nervous Patients

We have treated countless number of anxious patients. We are here to help you with a variety of treatment options available to make you feel comfortable throughout the dental treatments

The best care is on your side

Systematic & Personal Care

We follow our systematic protocol to examine comprehensively, accurately diagnose, and share our views on treatment plans. Every person's needs and requirements are different, hence we are here to provide you with your own special treatment options. Then you make your informed decision.

State-Of-Art Equipment

The newest technologies are being updated constantly at our clinic to provide you with the best available treatments including our brand new CBCT machine from Germany, intra-oral digital scanners, wireless digital camera, EMS Airflow from Switzerland, surgical motors, and many more.

Honest and Trusting Care

We are here to build a long term relationship. We treat every person with utmost respect and we will be there for all your dental needs throughout your life.

Highly qualified dentists

All our dentists are true academics and clinicians. They have invested and continue to spend vast amount of time and effort training on new techniques and technologies. This will be reflected on your quality of treatment and care.

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